About GIMEd

True preparation for a life in music demands a transformative education. For every Music enthusiasts, education of music is like as breathing oxygen to survive in the musical earth. It is a continuous process which starts before we take birth and ends when our life ends. Music learning is never-ending and has no bounds.

We all have witnessed that in course of time twisted by generation, there has been fresh music awaiting our earshot. The intact music industry is shifting incredibly to new-fangled releases. To comprehend and communicate with the most up-to-date trend you need to uniformly expand your skills and be in the exact hands right from the beginning. GIMEd serves the one and the same intention. The finest model of 21st century music for all beginners, intermediate and advance learners specifically created to help students progress and discover the equilibrium and amalgamation of both Western and Indian Music Culture for the very first time. It means that apart from learning various western music genres, you will also learn the Indian classical forms comprising of both Hindustani and Carnatic music within our core curriculum. Furthermore, you will be introduced with various Indian musical forms, necessary styles & techniques outlined in western notation.

GIMEd have specially selected some of the famous songs from GIMEx which every student despite of whichever age he or she belongs to, will love to sing and play towards it as well as some of the lost songs which one should also learn to be a better performer. Although the song may not be a hit but we strongly believe that its techniques have capabilities to be a hit in the chart. We in fact believe in the magnitude of all-round musicianship and this shapes the foundation of our students.