About Hi-Music




Music plays an important role in our culture. It is present in many aspects of our lives: theatre, television, movies, worship, holidays, celebrations, ceremonies etc. We are able to enjoy the benefits of music from the moment we’re born. Music is a language to all humankind and musicians communicate through their musical compositions.

As Language has phonetics, tempo, rhythm, same is true in music. Rhythm is one of several characteristics of music that allow us to “understand” it. A steady, regular beat is pleasurable to most ears and listeners follow it, tap their foot or snap their finger in time with the music. Human brains are particularly efficient in perceiving, producing, and processing fine rhythmic information of music integrated into real life activities. Our understanding of the cognitive, neurobiological, and evolutionary bases of rhythm is rapidly increasing. This inspired Hi-Music to bring the easiest way to get into the concept of rhythm through its finest experiment giving birth to a unique instrument named ‘Cajon’.


From then Hi-Music has developed and produced successfully exceptional cajons for demanding musicians. We persistently experiment on the sound reinforcement, to improve our instruments and thereby continuously push the cajon development. We believe that cajons are the perfect introduction to the world of percussion. It’s affordable, easy to carry and just pure fun to play.

Hi-Music offers a diverse collection of cajons with a complete selection of accessories to customize your instrument and develop your own unique sound. Perfect for drum circles, small gigs, kids rhythmic development or even studio work, your Cajon will become your new best friend.

The Imperative Factors of Hi-Music Cajons

Handmade by artisans

All our instruments are only manufactured by the expert artisan. Each of the cajon pieces, has been carefully hand polished to provide extra definition, clarity and sound intensity.

Perfectly directed to get an excellent look and exquisite sonic harmony.

Light weight and easy to carry. They can be tailor-made to create a custom set.

Almost infinite possibilities of sound variations

Removable Hi-Music Snare System
Modern design
Great for your posture and developing a good technique
Nonslip Rubber Feet
High-end workmanship
Best priced as per the market environments
Made in India
Removable Snare System – RSS

The RSS is a very useful feature in the cajón, because snares are a sensitive element of the instrument, so it is important to keep it in perfect functioning mode. The RSS is a special snare design that we use on some of our selected models, which allows the adding or removing of each snare pole, without having to remove the front panel.

By removing the snare poles, the cajón transforms into a rootsy beatbox, with that typical Peruvian cajón sound allowing you to play a traditional Landó or Festejo beat  with a round, mellow tones and pure bass. This is perfect for softer songs or acoustic sets. We affix 12, 18 snare-wires at optimal tension, allowing for a great, customary snare sound without the worry of actually tuning the wires. The player can draw out the more belligerent, modern sound of the snares common to the modern Flamenco-style cajons. more insistent sound that is better for louder gigs, Latin grooves and for musicians who generally prefer a “crispy”, assertive sound. Adding a single snare pole gives a distinct sound. Placing a double snare poles confers a binary tone and ultimately the triple snare pole grants a superlative consequences. 

Sound Holes

The angle amplifies the life to the reflection of sound not only on road or stage but also for studio recordings. Generally cajons have a back sound holes. In addition to tis we have also introduced a rear sound hole for more resourcefulness of the instrument.

Back Sound Hole – BSH

Models featuring a back panel produce a rounded, “fat” bass tone.

Rear Sound Hole – RSH

A rear sound hole enhances the sound in new way which is obligatory for a variety of percussionists as per their taste.





 Our products meet the highest demands in quality and usability. Hi-Music cajons are manufactured exclusively in India. Each model is thoroughly tested before delivery. You can tell it by the way it looks, feels and sounds. No wonder that more and more musicians all over the world discover their love to Hi-Music cajons. We are happy to welcome a number of new and talented cajon players to the family of Hi-Music endorsers.

Hi-Music just wanted to build the final Cajon. Its universal model is the culmination of Cajon craftsmanship and gives life to the idea that less can actually be much more. Built in precise proportions and with careful attention to detail, they have achieved the perfect balance between sound, aesthetics and durability. All materials are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. It reveals the incomparable with a single handmade cajon that projects a characteristic and unmistakable sound. No wonder that more and more musicians all over the world discover their love to Hi-Music cajons. We are happy to welcome a number of new and talented cajon players to the family of Hi-Music endorsers.