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The audition process is important for detecting talent, but we also want to discover what makes you mark off musically, where your ambitions lie and what stage you’ve reached in your musical understanding. It’s not so much about what you already know as what we think you’re capable of achieving, and whether we can help you on that journey. We are on the lookout for potential GIMEG members who can demonstrate individuality, determination and personality – not a particular ‘type’.


Prerequisites before applying at GIMEG

Applicants will have to prepare two pieces which demonstrates his/her technical and artistic abilities on the instrument or voice as per their level and required level. They will also undergo through a set of questions relating to theory, technicality and musical ability mandatory for selection.

Applicants may be asked to sight-read and/or demonstrate their ability to match pitch and rhythm.

Applicants are not permitted to use an accompanist for their audition.

All applicants are encouraged, but not required, to perform their audition from memory.


Tips for Audition

Approach the audition like a concert – arrive in spot on time, make sure you have everything you will need (including your instrument and music) and dress comfortably.

Be prepared – if you’re not ready, it might be better to wait than to rush.

Try to enjoy yourself – we want you to do your best.

Put the audition in perspective.

Whatever the outcome, the world is big and the possibilities endless if you have ability and perseverance.


Decisions & Enrolling

All applicants will be notified of their admission status by a said date.


Audition Entry Charges

All applicants will have to pay an amount of Rs. 1000 as entry charges before auditioning. It is non refundable in nature.


Membership Charges

Selected candidates will get an opportunity to become a member of GIMEG. If a member is a student of Music Aficionada, then he/she will have to pay a membership of Rs. 3000 quarterly. Other members will have to pay Rs. 5000 quarterly. All the payments are to be made in advance. 


Code of Conduct

The code of conduct should be maintained strictly. If any member fails to adhere the regulations of GIMEG, in that case they will be terminated from the list with a prior notice.


Please Note : All communication related to the admissions process is conducted through the online application account, including the decision letter. It is vital for applicants to save their username and password information once issued.


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