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Rhythm is the mathematics behind music and when it comes to “Drums”, then what better it can be. The subject itself is a rhythm instrument. Whether you are learning only for fun & hobby or aiming for a band or even song writing and composing music, playing drums will help you to hold all the instruments and singer together. You have to keep time in your head and listen at the same time driving the whole song forward. Development of your muscle memory in your arms, legs, feet, and hands is very important before expanding your styles.

With the influence of Western music styles into Indian music industry, a reflection has been felt in Indian musical culture. The requirement of such music analysis to meet the trendy globalization made GIMEx to think and come over with an innovatory concept of music evaluation progression. If you have ever wanted to analyze where you exactly stand then GIMEx is the best means for you.

GIMEx’s core disciplines are designed in a step by step method from a beginner, through intermediate to an advanced intensity of a drummer. Each level is evaluated by students’ perceptive and potency. It opens up with Prep 1 followed by Prep 2, Stratum 1, 2 & 3.