Learn While Singing


This project is to bring attention to introduce the role of music in Integral model of Education in Schools and Societies. Music is one of the joys of life and can be one of the joys of learning as well. Music exposure helps us remember learning experiences and information. It is also one of the forms of multiple Intelligence processing and encourages personal reflection.

On keeping all the intrinsic issues of education, investigations evoked a collection of sophisticated songs which can inculcate the upliftment of edification and their curricula under CBSE, CCE or ICSE and further.

The list of songs imitates book form, making it a resource for kids to start with and potentially master by the time they are teenagers. Parents can also learn these songs with their children, making it a bonding activity to do together.

Focus has been made on the lyrical structure on the basis of daily ongoing of a students discourse rather than a full fledged Industrial work. The songs are designed to cater students in building, language, social, emotional and cognitive development which is also based on their conceptual themes taught at their age level.


Let’s have a look on it….

Welcome Song






Disaster management


Girl child












While reciting the songs the students not only learn the songs but complete the curriculum without recognizing when they accomplished. It becomes a formula for any thematic concepts which helps them to score while recollecting in the time of assessment, examinations or writing an explanation, essay and descriptions.

Help us to reach the young learners through our outlined conjecture in augmenting Indian Education Sector Integrated with Music serving students in schools and societies through the journey of our thought process.

Wishing you all the success of life.

We all are heading to literacy.



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