Vocal Studies

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Whether you are a beginner in monitoring vocal, or want to get better in singing elements or even wish to make it as a profession, GIMEx evaluations will precisely help you to attain it well.

With the influence of Western music styles into Indian music industry, a reflection has been felt in Indian musical culture. The requirement of such music analysis to meet the trendy globalization made GIMEx to think and come over with an innovatory concept of music evaluation progression.

Singing involves the greatest amount of freedom and total emotional release. We counsel listening to a mixture of different country voices so that you don’t get into the trap of imitating only the big voices. Our go over will help your versatility in singing and to create your own signature style.

GIMEx’s core disciplines are designed in a step by step method from a beginner, through intermediate to an advanced intensity of a singer. Each level is evaluated by students’ perceptive and potency. It opens up with Prep 1 followed by Prep 2, Stratum 1, 2 & 3.