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Music does not live in a vacuum – it lives in the real world. Music is about communication. The more you’ll communicate, the more you’ll learn. The questions we struggle with are:  What will these lives look like years into the future? How can we best prepare our members to lead and shape that future?  We believe that a core foundation of absolute musical excellence, enhanced by innovative initiatives like GIMEG for Music Leadership, provides the formula for inspiring outstanding musicians to make a difference in the world through music. We are committed to enriching life through music.

The GIMEG, led by JVLR Gomes, is basically a place where you are going to finally focus and experiment only on your own music with the innovatory practice! Here you are going to work on your own musical ideas (improvised, composed, drafts, finished songs…), clarifying the possible solutions you can use in order to make your music / composition sound incredible!

Along with this exciting development of your own musical creations, the mentor will also help you recognize where you can improve your vocal and instrumental skills, as well as your composing or performing skills with timbre, rhythm, harmonic knowledge, etc.

In JVLR Gomes’ philosophy, every musician naturally owns a unique brilliant and personal soul, a special core which every one of us needs to investigate, through music, in order to re-connect with it. Every technique or method he instructs or suggests is related to this goal, which is the key for producing music that is able to communicate who you really are, and inspire other human beings.


GIMEG was born with the aim to serve the community by promoting a rich music culture and supporting young musicians in their first step into the profession.

GIMEG is open to everyone. Everyone who is interested in this same goal can submit a request to become a member. Each member is allowed to take part in the activities of GIMEG and to propose, discuss, and be a part of every decision during the general meetings.

Senior members will work at GIMEG with some of the best Indian and international musicians and professionals.

Members’ performances will be recorded on both audio and video and these recordings will become part of each member’s personal portfolio.

The program will also offer students the opportunity to perform in beautiful venues, and clubs, providing a real, professional experience (not a school recital).

In their free time members will be encouraged to visit and work with umpteen numbers of projects.

They will also be encouraged to spend time with other members experimenting more about music in depth provided with information on how factors.

Experiment, Innovate, Collaborate, Perform.

Whatever your musical ambitions – whether you’re starting a band or planning a career in the music industry – our training and practice will help you to develop your skills and achieve your goals.

Our process is idyllic for all members and is exclusively intended to assist members evolution. We believe in the connotation of multi-talented musicianship and this forms the base of our members.

What should you do now?Auditions help us to discover talent and spot potential.

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