Hi-Music introduces the ‘Explicit’ Cajon, crafted for its warm resonance, and internal wires perfectly positioned to deliver rootsy-sounding snare sounds. Anyone playing country, roots, Americana, rock & roll, or really any style of music, will love this new instrument for its warmth and organic tones. And with extraordinary finish, it looks amazing on stage!

This gorgeous instrument is also one of the best-sounding Cajons available anywhere! Deep, resonant bass tones are awe-inspiring, and playing closer to the corners results in some truly sublime effects as the unobtrusive slap tones. More adjustable snare result in greater control over “snap” and resonance. Handmade and meticulously tested.

The classic cajon selection highlights Hi-Music ‘s favorite colors and finishes. Each instrument is qualitatively revolutionary.

Technical Specs :

  1.        Product Dimensions: (Hx Wx D)  18”x12”x12” approx.           
  2.        Materials:
  3.             Resonating body: Medium Density Fibreboard
  4.             Frontplate: Wood Fibre
  5.       Features:
  6.             Compact size      
  7.             Fixed / Adjustable Snare System      
  8.             Comes with both BSH and RSH

Explicit Cajons are available in 8 different colours :


              Sunburst                             Navajo                                   Tortilla


Streak Series :

Inherently draw one’s attention, the patterns flow underlying the formation of the prehistoric similitude.


   Peru               Mocha                 Rosy              Cobalt               Purpura

                                                                  (COMING SOON)


Because Hi-Music believes that a cajon like this deserves a personal touch, allowing you to create your personal instrument and fulfill the desire to have a unique  and characteristic instrument to your liking.  Select the color of the hood and the lid. Matte or metallic?  Plain or with the designs. It looks gorgeous not only at small gigs but also fits perfect on stage and even in studios.