Fat Crate


This is one of the most unique looking cajons in the world. The large width and adequate depth provides the deepest ultra-bass tones that will shake your bones while the top end corner offers crunchy highs with added mid.          

This Caribbean-style instrument is made for low accents and foundations of rhythmic patterns The unique design of the playing surface is a real intent look. The separation between the highs, mids and the lows is very neat and distinct, needless to say these are fabulous for live playing, acoustic playing and recording! It is really almost effortless to get a great sound out of the Hi-Music Cajon!

Fat Crate Cajons are available in 2 different colours :


           Sunburst                          Navajo


Technical Specs :

  1.        Product Dimensions: (Hx Wx D) 17”x13.5”x12” approx.         
  2.       Materials:
  3.             Resonating body: Medium Density Fibreboard
  4.             Frontplate: Wood Fibre
  5.       Features:
  6.             Compact size      
  7.             Fixed / Adjustable Snare System