Help your child develop proper playing mechanics while playing this smaller kid-friendly size cajon – The ‘Mezzo’ Cajon. Durable fibreboard construction finished in vibrant colours.

A unique shape allows the player to sit in drum throne playing position with strong, sturdy tones, and bright bass tone at center and cutting accent slap sounds at the top. The design is intended to accommodate left or right handed players.

Removable Snare System:

Generally you will not find a removable snare poles in basic models. A noteworthy facet you will only acquire in Hi-Music. A junior model having a removable snare system. This is the elitism of Hi-Music pushing forward our advance mezzo series in the orb.

Technical Specs :

Product Dimensions:

(Hx Wx D)  17”x10.5” x11”  approx.      


Resonating body: Medium Density Fibreboard

Frontplate: Wood Fibre       



Compact size      

Fixed/Adjustable Snare System      

Ideal for developing Rhythm for Kids

Great for gift idea


Mezzo Cajons are available in 5 different colours :



Red Leopard


Orange Tiger

There is no doubt as to the cajon’s enormous rise in popularity in recent years. What’s not to love about the cajon? It’s convenience and ability to perform in nearly any acoustic-based situation have made this “drum set in a box” a go-to for both drummers and percussionists world-wide. Hi-Music is proud to offer the most comprehensive line of cajons on the market today. Led by our Gomes’ made Indian Series and backed up with a full assortment at all price levels, Hi-Music offers the perfect cajon for every player and every gig.