The Hi-Music cajon is also available in a medium version. With an optimum height of 15” for all junior cajon players here we brought to you -The ‘Midway’ Cajon. Its cool design and the original Hi-Music sound ensure an ideal entry and provide playing fun right from the start.

Our Hi-Music Cajons for juniors are made specially strong to withstand rough handling likely to happen in the hands of a tot. It can handle someone sitting on the cajon of up to 80 kgs!

The Midway Cajons are designed especially for kids. Without sacrificing authentic sound qualities, the smaller body offers kids a safe and secure sitting position and optimal playing conditions. Our Midway series model has two playing areas. Playing the bass and snare sound on front side also known as ‘Tapa’. The snare sounds are being created with a snare wire system – the other side can be used to create percussive conga-like sounds!

Midway Cajons are available in 5 different colours :



Red Leopard


Orange Tiger


Technical Specs :

Product Dimensions:

(Hx Wx D) 15” x 10.5”x 10.5” approx.       


Resonating body: Medium Density Fibreboard

Frontplate: Wood Fibre


Compact size      

Fixed snare system      

Ultimate for building rhythmic sense for kids

Great for gift idea

We have expanded our range to accommodate those travelling as well as younger players! You can now have a cajon with you wherever you go with our little Midway! It is well known that the younger you start playing, the more natural it is for someone to play, so why not give your child the gift of music and rhythms from a young age?All kids enjoy music and there is no kids who does not love to bang on things and make a big noise, this is the perfect toy and companion for any kid!