Now you don’t have to make any compromises on quality when buying an entry-level cajon. With the advent of Miniature Cajons from Hi-Music you get a cajon at an incredible price offering all the features of a professional cajon. Hi-Music hereby establishes that in terms of sound, quality and characteristics no confrontation have to be made.

The Miniature Cajons from Hi-Music are fun to play and easy to carry. At 30 cm tall and 20 cm wide with a 13 cm depth, these miniature cajons are much smaller than a standard sized instrument. They are made from Medium Density Fibreboard which is known for complete even amalgamation of particles sound transmission and resonant frequency is proportionately even throughout the board . A thin frontplate offers an excellent response to even the lightest finger rolls and backed by two sets of 12 wires fixed snare system touching the front plate from inside.

Hi-Music’s Miniature Cajon’s Exclusivity

Our Miniature model is a multiple voice cajon with multifaceted playing surface design. By placing the sound hole on the side of the cajon, we are able to offer a versatile instrument with a contemporary playing surface on front side and a multiple playing surface on the other sides. The front side offers the placid tone of a Congo slap, the dry pop with a crackle sound. For a muffled tone you can also play the reverse side of the cajon for stifling the resonant tone. The rear sides’ gives you more high pitch pressed slap tone. It can be effectively used to play as a sort of “bongo cajón”. It can be held between the legs and played with fingers, so that the technique for bongo, tabla, or frame drums can be well used.

Miniature Cajons are available in 3 different colours :





Technical Specs :

Product Dimensions: (Hx Wx D) 30 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm approx.   


 Resonating body: Medium Density Fibreboard

 Frontplate: Veneery Wood Fibre


      Multiple Voices      

      Fixed snare system      

      Compact size

      Ideal for music jams between friends

      Ultimate for building rhythmic sense for kids

      Great for gift idea

Enjoy a spontaneous jam session with the new Miniature Cajon from Hi-Music. Ideal for music jams between friends, building rhythmic sense for kids and therefore it can be a great idea for gifting.