New definition to Indian music edification.

Uplifting music inheritance for humankind.

Ground-breaking global music.

Incomparably designed curriculum for next level music education and evaluation.


True preparation for a life in music demands a transformative education. For every Music enthusiasts, education of music is like as breathing oxygen to survive in the musical earth. 

GIMEd is the finest model of 21st century music for all beginners, intermediate and advance learners specifically created to help students progress and discover the equilibrium and amalgamation of both Western and Indian Music Culture for the very first time. [Read more…]











The first quarter of 21st century music has morphed into a swifty evolution. To grok the cutting edge trend at the forefront, you need to be steered by the spot on elements. On this ground GIMEx has been framed. [Read more…]


Music does not live in a vacuum – it lives in the real world. Music is about communication. The more you’ll communicate, the more you’ll learn.

GIMEG for Music Leadership, provides the formula for inspiring outstanding musicians to make a difference in the world through music. We are committed to enriching life through music.

Experiment, Innovate, Collaborate, Perform.

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